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  • free access to Yogi Aaron - Once a month, Aaron offers exclusive private free workshops to people who would like to become teachers, or have taken trainings with him. 
  • tools on how to overcome your fears and how to live a more abundant + purposeful life. 
  • tips on how to create more cultural diversity
  • free trainings ONLY available to members of yoga online
  • discounts offered for trainings, stays at Blue Osa and more. 

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Master your chakras, master your life!


After taking this course, you will:

  • Understand each chakra's characteristics and effects.
  • Discover what shuts down these vital energetic centers.
  • Learn practices to unlock each chakra.
  • Become more focused and driven towards your true calling.
  • Increase your awareness and mental clarity.

Take control of your life through a powerful morning routine!


During this Morning Routine Course, you’ll:

  • Take control of your life
  • Develop a morning ritual that sets up your day for success
  • Learn to be more productive and make better decisions
  • Recieve daily rest and restoration 
  • Gain clarity on your goals and life purpose

A healthy back is a healthy life


Back pain is debilitating and causes a great deal of suffering. But you do not have to suffer.

You’ll leave this course with:

  • a back strengthening routine that will allow you to revitalize your spine and life!
  • knowledge of your back and why you have pain
  • muscle activation techniques to target specific problem areas. 

Travel the world for free while taking your students on incredible yogic journeys.


After taking this course, you will:

  • Be able to travel the world for free and make money while doing it!
  • Master the business finance tools needed to lead a successful yoga retreat!
  • Discover the secrets to selling out your retreats!


Perform Your Yoga Postures with CONFIDENCE and ALIGNMENT!


Are you:

  • Hungry to learn principles of alignment that can be applied to virtually any pose?
  • Curious about the key structures of the body, bones, joints, and muscles?
  • A beginner to yoga who is looking for a place to begin?
  • A yoga student looking for an exclusive library of yoga poses to refer back to?
  • A yoga teacher looking to become more confident in your yoga teaching capabilities?

Yoga that helps you become pain free.


These 75 minutes classes will specifically increase greater mobility in the hips, decrease lower back pain and neck tension. 

Applied Yoga Anatomy directly addresses pain in the body by improving the efficacy of muscle function. One of the biggest contributors to pain is the lack of muscles working well. If a muscle is not working, other minor muscles take over and become stressed. This stress leads to inflammation. Inflammation is what leads to more pain.